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Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Information for Victims of Floods, Hurricanes & Sinkholes

Hurricane DamaageHow many people truly understand the process of making an insurance claim, especially after they have been injured or their home has been damaged? While many people are aware of the terms and conditions of their insurance policy coverage, they are less familiar with the true process of filing a claim and doing so successfully. Unfortunately, many insurance companies and the agents that work for them have taken to unsound practices of denial, sometimes refusing outright to pay a claimant in need. Looking for any excuse to dodge their responsibility to make good on an insured individual's claim, they will instead search for reasons not to make these payments.

Residents of Florida are at great risk of suffering from the damages caused by hurricanes, sinkholes and even fires. A region densely covered in limestone and susceptible to the geographical location in which it is situated, Florida is known for its intense hurricanes and dangerous sinkholes. It is precisely for these reasons that homeowners throughout the state have invested in insurance policies to protect their safety in the event that disaster strikes. But what happens when the insurance company in which you have invested is not equally invested in you? What are you supposed to do when your insurance policy is not respected by the agent representing your case?

In times like this, you need a professional that you can turn to for support and guidance.
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Dispute a Denied Insurance Claim

Having your claim denied or returned too low does not have to be accepted at face value. In fact, it shouldn't be if you have reason to believe that the denial or lowballing is the result of a deliberate act of bad faith on behalf of your insurance agent. The best way to make this determination is by having a qualified attorney review the claim and then assess the reasons for denial. If the justifications made by your insurance company don't match up with the terms of your insurance policy, there is necessary reason to take action. While in some cases the discrepancy may be due to a misinterpretation of your policy by the agent who is representing you, many times it is a deliberate act taken under the assumption that you would not fight back.

Regardless of the reason why you were denied or cut short, the fact of the matter is that
you stand to benefit greatly by involving a legal professional in the matter.

The premium that you pay to your insurance company each month is meant to act as an investment that can be accessed in the future, should the need arise. Suffering from the damages of a hurricane, fire, sinkhole or flood is precisely when you would call upon your insurance company for help. When this plan fails to play out according to your expectations, you have every right to take action that will alleviate the situation. You may be able to do exactly that by disputing the denial or insufficient coverage that was issued to you. When you wish to pursue your claim in this way, we will be here to help.

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